This campaign has ended and funds rolled over to Community Address Multi-sig wallet

Binance Donation Tracker

This page tracks the progress of funding for Binance. The listing fee can be anywhere from 10 - 25 BTC due to the voting process involved (voting with BNB token). This tracker is set to the max of 25 BTC.

BTCZ/BTC exchange rate is an estimate based on the weighted average by Coinmarketcap. The values on this page are automatically updated every 5 minutes.

Exchange Currency Address Balance
Binance BTCZ t1L2h7WyVsxEvbw1acefwXWBQWYReQnN7MF 0 0
BTC 14deH7yqwmV8gcPHzLwUXmRSnZ1gQYK1Ka 0 0
LTC LPprE3sC5oTjpEZM5AcjTKzZdRf7sLgSGo 0 0
ETH 0xBAd0dC6003D3F6a7222c0A1Cf6228b364BB011C9 0 0
ZEC t1SCNiZ2qNv3Y97CMLgpkFFzrPgeAsZzmrb 0 0
0 0%

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