This campaign has ended and funds rolled over to Community Address Multi-sig wallet

Cryptopia Donation Tracker

This page tracks the progress of funding for Cryptopia. We only need 5 additional BTC to purchase the required DOT for listing. The other approximately 5 BTC we've received from an investor. (the 10 BTC donation) All balances update automatically, every 5 minutes.

Exchange Currency Address Balance
Cryptopia BTCZ t1QPbt39fb4pzWXkNSM3qo6dWiL4ii42s48 0 0
DOT 0x51653dff4aba308d76697bb35aa77b0d3a1783ab 0 0
BTC 16WnYgKonXrkfQ5KcHzar4fM9fnU4acxJd 0 0
LTC LLn9pvryRDzuCS2anyrjg6JJ4k3YdsUcvS 0 0
ETH 0xC66B6075293051faFDC40f18Bf1C265c353DAaA8 0 0
ZEC t1WkCDwJ3YKvYhewe84DbGRnQhnB7EvexxN 0 0
0 0%

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